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be.connected and COBCOE Connects are the go-to tool to develop your business in a safe and trusted environment. In a nutshell, every member is linked to the Chamber of commerce and Chamber staff are responsible for moderating the platform. The development team is continuously adapting the platform to meet companies’ needs and help to make #BusinessWithoutBarriers more efficient. This time, we are happy to present five new features on the platform.

  1. Help file

Browsing the platform and need assistance? On the top right, you click “Help” and you will find FAQ that w improve your user experience on the platform.

  1. Reset search and uncheck all buttons added to a company search page 

Right now search is simplified and you can browse companies by choosing location and sector with a few presses of a button. If you want to search for companies in various sectors and countries, you can press “Reset search” and start your search choosing different criteria.



 3. Email already exists an error will be provided with extension explanation

  1. Trying to invite a colleague, but you receive a message that the “email already exists”, on top you will see the extended message stating the company that email belongs too.

4. Easy way to edit your company’s profile details

The more information you provide about your company on the platform, the more chances of being found by other companies. Hence, don’t hesitate to provide as much details as possible.

Go to top right corner > click on your photo > choose “Edit company” > scroll down > click on the pencil icon “Click here to fill your advanced profile” > provide the details > click “Save” 

  1. Change colleagues’ status

From now on, you can set your colleagues to activate or inactive on the platform. Menu path: Click on your photo > My colleagues > Click on a colleague’s name > Set to inactive/active.

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